Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lost In Austen


Amanda Price (Jemima Rooper) is a devoted Jane austen fan; often immersing herself into a world of dashing gents, elegant corsets and picturesque manor houses.

Unsatisfied with her life and relationship in modern day London, Amanda's ordinary existence is changed forever when she discovers Elizabeth Bennet (Gemma Arterton) alive in her bathroom and ends up replacing her in the very 'real' fictional world of Austen's PRIDE AND PREJUDICE.

An all star cast brings Austen's classic characters to life in a cleverly modern context; with Hugh Bonneville as Mr. Bennet and Alex Kingston as the irrepressible Mrs. Bennet


This is a quirky but interesting take on the original and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.  Jemima Rooper plays the 'friend' of Elizabeth Bennet and is  brilliantly witty in the character of Amanda Price (Austen obsessed fan).  Her character brings a unique twist to the original story by Jane Austen including a refreshing realism and typical contemporary and often humourous romance. 

Initially, I thought Elliot Cowan was not the most believeable type-cast actor for Mr. Darcy, but with his brilliant portrayal of arrogant demenour including dark facial expressions of disgust, contrasted by his occasional longing expressions of desire - he grows on you and becomes one of the most captivating Mr. Darcys in a long list of previous Darcy characters.

OMG!! Mrs. Bennet just about drove me mad!  I wanted to smack her!  Alex Kingston is such a BRILLIANT actor!

I've seen this twice in a year and loved it both times.  My hubby also sat through it both times (actually he suggested the second viewing).

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